A loving church knowing and sharing the life-changing message of Jesus

Our Church is not the building. Our Church is a real community of people meeting together to worship God here on the beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales.

Living as Christians is not something we do in isolation from each other. We become a family because God has adopted us as his children. We love each other as brothers and sisters and enjoy spending time together, encouraging and supporting each other.

We seek to be welcoming and inclusive of all people. And what we know, we seek to share. So please join us.


Ahoy Friends!

As we stand at the threshold of a New Church Year, I am filled with hope and optimism for what I believe is a very bright future.

Today, ‘Vision Sunday’ we will set our sail in a very clear and focused direction. From here on in, our task is to stay on course and remain true to whatwe believe God has called us to undertake.

The mission of the Church is not determined by man, nor is it open to negotiation. However, whilst Jesus gave his followers a mission and compelling vision of the future, it is up to each local church to discern exactly how they in their unique environment, demographic and set of circumstance will most faithfully appropriate that mission and calling. This is what your leadership team have been hard at work on, and I look forward to sharing with you our passion and direction for the future.

No matter where you find yourself along the journey of faith, no matter how many years you’ve been involved in church life for, no matter how many ‘vision’ type messages you’ve heard, I invite you to look forward with us in a positive spirit of hope, optimism and excitement. Not because our plans, ideas or goals are particularly ‘new’ or special, but because of who it is we serve - Jesus Christ the King. Christ is entirely deserving of our very best selves - that includes our best thoughts, our best words and our best actions to support his work here among us at ECBC.

It is my great pleasure and responsibility to lead and serve along side you as we seek to realise our fullest potential in Christ, growing up into the church and people we are invited to become.

The sail is set, the mast is rigged, may the wind of the Holy Spirit lead us forward into the good works which God prepared in advance for us to do (Eph. 2:10).

Here’s to a great year of ministry and mission.


Pastor Joel

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