Multi-Age Family Service - Sunday at 10am

Erina Kids and Creche - Sunday at 10am


As a community of people, we love to celebrate the Christian life.  One important way for us to do this is to meet together in what is usually known as a church service.


Like families, all churches have their own ways of doing things, which will be different from place to place.

Songs. Public singing may not be common these days, but it is something we enjoy at Erina. It brings us together to express our thankfulness to and love for God.

Prayers. Prayer is talking directly to God, to thank him for who he is, for being part of our lives, and to bring to him our requests for others and ourselves.

Housekeeping. These short announcements let everyone know about events and news in the life of the church. More details are often available in the weekly church bulletin.

Children. We love children, and most mornings we have a short activity in the service before they move to their special  activities with their friends.

Bible Reading. Reading the Bible is one of the ways God talks to us. During the service a passage will be read which will be relevant to the sermon topic for the day.

Giving. The work of our church is funded by donations and there is opportunity to make a voluntary contribution. Visitors should not feel any obligation to contribute. Please just let the bag pass by.

Sermon. Our Pastors will explain the truths of the bible passage we read earlier and how it applies to our everyday lives. We are committed to clear and accurate preaching from the bible.

Communion. Once a month we celebrate Communion or the Lords Supper. This is where we remember the sacrifice Jesus made when he died on the cross for us. We use bread and non-alcoholic wine to represent Jesus' broken body and shed blood.

Fellowship. After the service, we share time together over a cup of 'coffee'. This is an important time of connecting and friendship.