Father's Day 2018

Fathers Day is an annual opportunity to celebrate, thank, acknowledge and honour our Dad’s.

Whilst shopping for my own Dad this week, I was struck by how all the marketing and gift paraphernalia for Fathers Day only speaks to the positive side of Fatherhood. It’s all a bit fake really, and I’m sure that deep down we all know it. Personally, I think I’d prefer a coffee mug or T-Shirt that said ‘Doing his best Dad’ or simply ‘Good Dad’. This would still be an honourable and more truthful compliment. Dad’s, just like all people are fallible and broken and as Christians we know that there is only one ‘World’s Best Dad’ and it’s certainly not a regular family guy. 

Of course it’s great to be upbeat and positive, but what does one do when they’ve grown up with an absent, uninvolved, or worse yet, abusive Father? Sadly, this is a reality for many. 

To those who find Fathers Day hard either because your Dad is no longer around or wasn’t a good father, may you especially know the peace and presence of the Lord today.  

There are no perfect parents. Raising children is a journey marked with plenty of mistakes and regrets. It is ‘towel’ work from start to finish. Servitude is the name of the game. It is indeed an awesome privilege and those of us who get to experience it, regardless of the challenges ought to remind ourselves frequently how fortunate and blessed we are. Another reality about Fathers Day (along with Mothers Day) is the ache some feel for never having had the opportunity to be called ‘Dad’ or ‘Mum’.  If this is your story, God be with you. 

There is only one perfect parent, God himself, who so graciously reveals himself to us as Father.  He is available and present to all who call on his name. He desires only good for His children and offers constant love, grace, wisdom, direction, comfort, care, compassion, rest, acceptance and a home like no other. No matter where you land on the father spectrum, I pray that today you might know the compassionate and grace filled Father of Luke 15 who runs to his children when they turn toward him, throws his arms around them, kisses them, dresses them in fine garments and throws a party in their honour.  Truly, this is the ‘Worlds Best Dad’. May you experience deep within your heart his sacrificial, limitless love for you. 

Love from your Pastor, Joel