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Our Church is not the building. Our Church is a real community of people meeting together to worship God here on the beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales.

Living as Christians is not something we do in isolation from each other. We become a family because God has adopted us as his children. We love each other as brothers and sisters and enjoy spending time together, encouraging and supporting each other.

We seek to be welcoming and inclusive of all people. And what we know, we seek to share. So please join us.


A ‘Dog’ or a ‘God’ shaped hole?


I currently have a dog shaped hole in my heart. Unless you didn’t know, I am a dog lover extraordinaire! I have always had great affection for the species coined ‘mans best friend’ and after loosing our beautiful golden Labrador of 14 years in February, I’ve been dearly missing the unique and unmistakable presence of a furry four legged friend around the family home.

I’m pleased that this situation in the not so distant future will be rectified, but for now, its a time of being patient.

Signs that indicate the gap in my heart include the following: my desktop photo is a gorgeous puppy, I have a higher awareness of dogs everywhere I go, pointing them out to the boys, and wherever possible on a morning jog stopping for a little pat. Two Monday’s ago I took Daniel to the off-leash area at the Haven, just to observe and meet some friendly hounds, which I must say was most satisfying! I came home referring to myself as a ‘dog stalker’!

If you are a dog lover, you will get this. If you are not, then forgive me for indulging you in these details. You see, not all people are dog lovers and therefore not all people will experience the ache you feel when a beloved family dog is no longer around.

Not all people will experience having a dog shaped hole, however, all people have a God shaped hole in their heart. A deep yearning for connection with their maker. Sadly, many people spend their entire lives trying to fill this void with all kinds of relationships, experiences, material possessions, education, career opportunities, holidays, fine dining etc, etc, etc. None of these things are bad, in fact all of them are part of God’s good gifts for us to enjoy, sadly however, nothing external to a relationship with our maker can fill the void that only knowing God himself can fill.

Unlike a dog shaped hole which has no eternal consequence, a life lived with a God shaped hole that remains void has dire consequences, both for this life and the next.

Do you have a God shaped hole in your heart? Do you have a unquenched desire that you can’t seem to satisfy? I invite you to open your heart to the Lord. We read in Revelation 3:20 the words of Jesus “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”

I love the fact that the invitation Jesus offers to fill this common void is one of sharing a meal. What a beautiful image of the type of relationship Christ offers. The bond a person can share with a dog is priceless, but nothing compares to the deeply satisfying bond of being in right relationship with your maker and having that God shaped hole filled.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Joel

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